Apr 2024
Competition from other startups is usually just a distraction.
I'm not talking about the one you use to write code.
Differences between South Carolina and /dev/null, and thoughts on powerful tools.
Solving Define a `ransackable_attributes` class method in your `ActiveStorage::Attachment`
You keep spinning in circles until you realize you were already there.
The 928 is alright.
The best version of your own story is the most interesting thing you can share with the world.
Sep 2022
Nerd-sniping might be one of the best ways to learn something.
Center has raised an $11M seed round led by Thrive Capital and Founders Fund.
How to think about equity between co-founders.
Faster test suites lead to better smart contracts.
When the outrage mob comes knocking, Claude Shannon smiles down on you.
David Swensen and University Endowments.
How I got to where I am right now.
Apr 2021
Why flash loans are important.
The publishing platform that now hosts this site.
I'm joining Paradigm as an EIR for the next 6 months.
Web3.py HTTP and Websocket Providers for Amazon Managed Blockchain
Everybody knows feedback can be hard. Here's why.
Lightweight framework for running multistep workflows.
Ruby ledger engine I've been thinking about.
Something I believe that not many others do.
Maybe the actual reason is more prosaic than we thought.
You were saying something about.. best intentions?
Apr 2020
Some things I think I've figured out.
Simple pattern for accessing views in Rails.
Why blockchain is exciting.
Jekyll Generator to split up collections.
Dec 2019
A simple framework to be more productive with Redux and Typescript.
Guaranteed way to get better at writing code.
Why would someone make a clock with four hands?
What we still might need to figure out to pass the Turing Test.
Everything I learned about eng recruiting in 2018.
Fun with shorthand method signatures in Ruby.
A powerful construct to parse class Meta blocks.
Here's a small pandoc extension to convert Markdown to Slack formatting.
Difficult problems can be easy to solve if you catch them early enough.
Apr 2018
I'm joining Coinbase as part of the Earn.com acquisition.
A quick shortcut to make a new post in Jekyll.
An interesting use case of a blockchain can be used in a business.
We need a way for authors to share work without huge reputational risk.
Fun with SAT Solvers, SQL, and the NY Times Crossword.
Introducing a Python Package for handling business logic in web apps.
Reflecting on my time at the Recurse Center.
Assorted books / papers I've enjoyed reading over the past weeks.
We counter existential dread with optimistic nihilism.
My solution to one of Facebook's early engineering challenges.
How remapping Command+T on my mac helped me focus on what's important.
I'm joining the Recurse Center's Fall batch in New York City.
Aug 2017
You might have heard the old joke about two hikers getting ready for a walk into the woods.
Combining Arabic calligraphy and vector-based imaging.
A few helpful design principles I've learned over the years.
You came in and gave us sugar cubes!
Learn about the stack we've used to deliver over $750M in investments.
A good reminder that we all use relatively similar tools.
A guide to tweaking one of the most popular databases.
I'm joining LendingHome to work on the retail investing platform! Some thoughts on the decision and space.
Aug 2015
Aug 2011
I am new.