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I'm an engineer and entrepreneur who builds products and helps teams grow. Trying to end the day smarter than I was when it started.



Work & Investing

  • Coinbase: Joined Coinbase as part of the Earn.com acquisition.
  • LendingHome: Retail platform & automated investing strategies.
  • Clearbit: Advisor & first investor in Clearbit.
  • dv01: Advisor & investor in dv01.
  • HVMN: Advisor to HVMN.
  • Priceonomics: Content marketing software company with epic blog. YC W12.


  • Elon: Lightweight Python async job queue backed by Redis.
  • Mutations: Python package to validate & execute business logic in web apps.
  • Bookshelf: What's on my bookshelf / tablet.
  • Quotes: Some quotes I like.
  • Sudo: Your world by text.
  • Waldo: A dynamic HTTP proxy server.
  • Jarvis: Created, ran, and later sold a personal assistant-by-text company.
  • Tweetable: Mobile-friendly way to post content to Twitter.
  • django-cprofile-middleware: Thin Django profiling middleware.
  • FratMusic.com: Music streaming website I built with some friends in undergrad.