The best version of your own story is the most interesting thing you can share with the world.

Taking something from an idea to actually shipped feels so good.

Nerd-sniping might be one of the best ways to learn something.

Center has raised an $11M seed round led by Thrive Capital and Founders Fund.

How to think about equity between co-founders.

Part 2 of my Silicon Valley story. Also, I'm hiring engineers for my new company.

Faster test suites lead to better smart contracts.

Proposing a simple specification for blog admin sites.

When the outrage mob comes knocking, Claude Shannon smiles down on you.

David Swensen and University Endowments.

Work & Investing

Aggregate and organize the world's NFTs

Working on new things.

Joined Coinbase as part of the acquisition.

Retail platform & automated investing strategies.



Helped co-found Spearbit.


Helped co-found the Darkforest DAO

The official liquidity mining contract for Uniswap V3

Visualize the yield curve across crypto assets

Build Once. Integrate Your Blockchain Everywhere.

Simple framework built atop Redux and Typescript.

Build new realities through spaced repetition.

A reminder to focus on the important things and ignore the noise.

Everything I've learned about engineering recruiting.

Python package to validate & execute business logic in web apps.

Lightweight Python async job queue backed by Redis.

What’s on my bookshelf & tablet.

Project at Recurse Center to solve the NYT crossword with a single database query

A dynamic HTTP proxy server.

Some quotes I like.

Created, ran, and later sold a personal assistant-by-text company.

High school science fair project, now US Patent 8,167,086.

Music streaming website I built with some friends in undergrad.

Thin Django profiling middleware.

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