Center has raised an $11M seed round led by Thrive Capital and Founders Fund.
Learning how to play new games.
How to think about equity between co-founders.
Part 2 of my Silicon Valley story. Also, I'm hiring engineers for my new company.
Proposing a simple specification for blog admin sites.
When the outrage mob comes knocking, Claude Shannon smiles down on you.

Work & Investing

Center: CEO 2021 - Present
Paradigm: EIR 2020 - 2021
Clearbit: Investor 2014 - Present
dv01: Investor & Advisor 2014 - Present
HVMN: Investor & Advisor 2014 - Present
Priceonomics: CTO 2011 - 2014


The official liquidity mining contract for Uniswap V3
Visualize the yield curve across crypto assets
Build Once. Integrate Your Blockchain Everywhere.
Build new realities through spaced repetition.
Simple framework built atop Redux and Typescript.
A reminder to focus on the important things and ignore the noise.