Nice to meet you!

I'm Omar Bohsali. I'm an engineer and investor, and this is my personal website.

Four-Handed Clock Apr 28, 2019

Why would someone make a clock with four hands?

Loose Notes on Conversational Frameworks Mar 20, 2019

What we still might need to figure out so we can pass the Turing Test.

Engineering Recruiting Lessons Learned Jan 3, 2019

What I learned about engineering recruiting in 2018.

Ruby Keyword Arguments and Defaults Nov 9, 2018

Fun with shorthand method signatures in Ruby.

Parsing Meta Blocks using Python's dataclass Oct 10, 2018

A powerful construct to parse class Meta blocks.

Convert Markdown to Slack Formatting Jun 24, 2018

Here's a small pandoc extension to convert Markdown to Slack formatting.

Wells & Fidelity: Dealing with Culture Problems May 7, 2018

Difficult problems can be easy to solve if you catch them early enough.

Joining Coinbase Apr 23, 2018

I'm joining Coinbase as part of the acquisition.

Shortcut to Creating a New Post in Jekyll Apr 22, 2018

A quick shortcut to make a new post in Jekyll.

Upgrade: Online Lending and Blockchain Apr 21, 2018

An interesting use case of a blockchain can be used in a business.

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  • Work & Investing
    Coinbase: Engineering Manager Apr 2018 - Present

    Joined Coinbase as part of the acquisition.

    LendingHome: Staff Software Engineer Sep 2015 - July 2017

    Retail platform & automated investing strategies.

    Clearbit: Investor Dec 2014 - Present

    Advisor & first investor in Clearbit.

    dv01: Investor & Advisor Nov 2014 - Present

    Advisor & investor in dv01.

    HVMN: Investor & Advisor Jun 2014 - Present

    Advisor to HVMN.

    Priceonomics: CTO Oct 2011 - Jan 2014

    Content marketing software company with epic blog. YC W12.

    • Elon: Lightweight Python async job queue backed by Redis.
    • Mutations: Python package to validate & execute business logic in web apps.
    • Bookshelf: What's on my bookshelf & tablet.
    • Quotes: Some quotes I like.
    • Sudo: Your world by text.
    • Waldo: A dynamic HTTP proxy server.
    • Jarvis: Created, ran, and later sold a personal assistant-by-text company.
    • Tweetable: Mobile-friendly way to post content to Twitter.
    • django-cprofile-middleware: Thin Django profiling middleware.
    • Music streaming website I built with some friends in undergrad.