Tweetable: A plugin to make any text easily tweetable

May 16, 2015

Co-authored with @Nootrobox co-founder Michael Brandt!

Do you publish a blog? Get decent traffic? What if you could increase the rate at which people tweet about your content, and the rate at which those tweets get read?

By making certain excerpts from your post instantly tweetable, you encourage readers to tweet your best lines, making it easier for them to share your message to their followers and bring more eyes back to your blog.

Even the best companies try doing this, and they don’t always do it right.

LA Times Tweet Button

Twitter’s Implementation

Lame. Forcing users to log in to their mobile browser is not a great experience. I don’t have any official stats to share, but intuition says there’s massive drop-off here. Twitter is an app meant for use on the go, and it just makes sense for your blog to play nice with mobile.

The ideal experience is:

  1. On mobile, if you have the app, open the app.
  2. Else, go to the website.

Tweetable is exactly this.

Tweetable is an easy way to share content on Twitter, both on mobile and web.

Setting it up is as easy as pasting a couple lines of code into your header, and then editing the html class of the item you want to make tweetable.

{% highlight html %} <!– After loading jQuery –>

Tweetable is an easy way to share content on Twitter, both on mobile and web. {% endhighlight %}

Native App vs. Web

If the user is on a mobile device that supports the twitter:// app, tweetable will use a deeplink to open the Twitter app. Otherwise, it will use the twitter website using the user’s browser.

Uses Native app when available, or falls back to web

See GitHub for setup instructions.