As we move more of our consciousness online, one interesting question that arises is how we handle maintaining our online presence posthumously. I, for one, would really like it if this domain and website could stay online forever, but I don't think it would in its current state.

So, what would it take for this to happen? Obviously you could make a static backup, but that wouldn't include dynamic pages. Thinking out loud:

  • Let's assume 0 maintenance and operational overhead - a webserver should ideally be able to serve requests forever.
  • Security updates/etc are automatically deployed by a cloud provider (like AWS or Render).
  • Web hosting costs decrease faster than inflation increases. This seems plausible. Let's say the difference of these two rates is 5%, so we'd need to target a 5% return.
  • Hosting costs $10/month in today dollars.

From Investopedia:

So if hosting is $120/year and i=5%, then PV would be $2,400. This is where my knowledge gets a little blurry: is there a service where I could pay them $2,400 today and they promise to pay AWS $10/mo forever?

It'd certainly be possible using smart contracts. Tech infrastructure finance is a really interesting field.

This also reminds me a little bit of the famous Dutch Water Bonds that Yale holds.

Would anybody else want such a thing?