Building a Blog on the Notion API

Update: it’s live. This page you’re seeing is now rendered through this latest version of my website.

I’m going to try re-implementing this site using the Notion API as a backend. I’ve had a couple of blog posts saved as drafts in various places, and I’d like to reduce the friction to posting new things here.

Project Goals

Most Important

  • Minimize time to the blinking cursor: The blinking cursor is always there; I think then name of the game is to just get there faster.
  • Integrate with the Notion API: The site is currently a Rails application. I love Rails but I also think it’s time to try something new here; particularly, I’d like to edit posts using Notion and not have to deploy or log into my admin site to add a new post.
  • Tight Feedback Loop: ideally we can use ISR or push so that I don’t have to redeploy whenever something changes.
  • Aesthetic: Should look and feel similar. SEO/etc should not be compromised at all.

Nice to Have

  • Would be nice to draw on my iPad and be able to make the posts show up and update right away.
  • Code quality: use notion’s types as much as possible so that we get static checking - this will make the renderer much easier to implement/iterate on.
  • Simple migration process: I’d have to check the Postgres database this site runs on, but ideally it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to migrate all the data over.


I’d like to at least keep feature parity with what’s live right now. That includes:


Pages / Sections

Features and Fixes


Monday, September 5, 10a

Ok I went for JSX instead of straight to html and that simplified things a lot. Feels like it’s halfway there now, but I need to get back to my day job for now.

One of the biggest unlocks is rendering notion blocks → jsx → html, instead of directly from notion → html.

Type hints in action:

Do captions work?

Another nice realization is that we don’t have to implement the entire HTML spec. Only the types outlined in the Notion API client.

Sunday, September 4, 10:55pm


Sunday 9/4, 6pm

First version of Notion block → html renderer


Sunday morning

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