What I Do

  • Product Manager: work with stakeholders to turn a need into an actionable product roadmap.
  • Software Engineer: define and deliver projects, or lead a major iteration of an existing product.
  • Data Science & Machine Learning: acquire data sets and/or make use of existing assets you already have to drive your business forward.

Who I Am

I’m an experienced product manager, engineer, and data scientist, available for on-site or remote contract work with over 10 years experience working in tech. Based in San Francisco, CA and New Haven, CT, but I’m also willing to travel if needed.

Recent Experience: Retail Platform at LendingHome

I most recently built the retail investing platform and team at LendingHome.

  • Founding member of retail investing platform; focused on both engineering and product initiatives.
  • Designed, prototyped, and deployed several versions of investor referral platform.
  • Built and operated automated investing platform.
  • Mentored engineers, contributed to internship program, and authored blog post about LendingHome’s tech stack.

Prior Experience: Distributed Web Crawling for a Hedge Fund

In 2014, I worked with a hedge fund to crawl, structure, and store over 500 million unique pages, structure the data, and store it in an analytical database (vertica). This took about six weeks to complete.

You can see more of my projects and work experience here.

My Process

  1. First, we’ll discuss your project and needs to see if there is a mutual fit.
  2. I’ll provide an estimate for the full project scope, including specifications, and an agreed-upon hourly rate, as well as a cap. We’ll segment the project one-week milestones to measure progress and specify deliverables.
  3. I’m happy to come on-site to your office on a daily basis if desired. Travel is also possible.


  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django
  • Languages: Ruby, Python, Javascript
  • Databases: Postgres, MySQL
  • Frontend: html, haml, css, scss, sass
  • Design: Sketch, Figma, Illustrator
  • Scientific: numpy, scipy, pandas, sklearn

Get in Touch

I look forward to hearing from you!